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The Lucky Dog Haven


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie My name is Petey and boy, am I a lucky dog. I’m the German Shepard and my little sister sitting next to me is Daisy. I want to tell everybody my story. When I was young, I thought it was so much fun to run and run and run around and I loved to chase squirrels. But the humans kept yelling at me, calling me a bad dog and always kept me locked away in the basement. It was terrible, I could only walk, no where to run and these humans always kept calling me bad Petey. I thought what they did to me was bad cause I felt like a criminal when I just liked to run around and have fun.

The humans were talking about how bad I was and they wanted to take me to a shelter, where I would be locked up in a cage forever, and I even heard them say the shelter would kill me if nobody wanted me. Oh my gosh, they were sending me to prison, death row for dogs. I tried not to get in the car and I fought by pulling back and dragging my feet, but it was no use, they dragged me into the car. Patti, a nice neighbor lady, saw what was happening and asked these humans where they were taking me. I knew Patti cared about me, so I lowered my nose and showed her how scared I was, I was ready to cry, but I held back my tears, cause boy dogs don’t cry. Patti said her daughter would love to take me. Whew! The humans opened the door and gave me to her.

It was a miracle! The new humans loved me. They are my Mommy and Daddy, but Dad’s the big dog. They told me they were going to get me a home where I could run my little heart out. I got 2 acres inside a city at my house for my yard and I chase squirrels and jump at the birds and Dad and Mom laugh and play with me. It’s been ten years of their loving me with all their heart and I love them so much. I would give my life for them if anybody tried to hurt them.

A year ago they brought Daisy home. I heard my parents saying her owners were taking her to death row. Poor Daisy was so badly treated by her humans she was in shock, traumatized to the point where she was scared to lick me back. Dog hello to some of you humans reading this. I kept telling Daisy she was lucky Mom and Dad saved her, and finally she believed me when she saw the way I am treated everyday. Now she copycats everything I do, like a real pain in my dog butt sister she has become. Nah, not really. Daisy is great new sister and has quickly adapted to her new home with us and so have I because she is quite pushy but I love her to pieces. I have learned to share all the good treats with another dog which I never thought would happen in this dog’s life. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, hey? It’s a good tradeoff for both of us because she has put a lot of life into me and is a great companion. I love her so much that I taught her a lot of my tricks of the trade and now she copies everything I do. That’s why she insisted on being dressed like my Batman. I tried to tell her she had to wear the Robin costume, but no, she has to do what I do. Little sisters.

We are “Lucky Dogs”. So I had a great idea. Every time Dad and Mom talked about all my poor fellow dogs being taken to shelters, I’d bark fast and loud, (Daisy barks with me), so I gave them the idea to start “Lucky Dog Haven”. A 30 acre haven where the phrase death row for dogs will never be allowed to be used, shelter for you humans. These Lucky Dogs are given a second chance at having a fulfilling life of what we are intended to do: To love and be loyal to our owners, protect and serve them, and of course, be spoiled rotten by them and sometimes even eat them out of a house and home. But hey, our owners know that is all part of the package that comes when they get a loyal dog.

So we have started “The Lucky Dog Haven.” The Lucky Dog Haven is a dog sanctuary where a lot of our unwanted friends will be able to go and stay have a normal dog’s life. Our dream is to help them find a family that will love them but if not they can live out their life in a free range environment where they will be loved and cared for and not caged up. Our drive is to save lives and we need your help to do this. Our vision is to start America’s 1st free range haven with a minimum of 30 acres. We need your help.

Just remember there aren’t “Bad dogs” there are only “Bad Owners”. I was considered a “Bad dog” at one point and lucky to be saved. Oh, Oh Dad’s coming home, gotta go cause he has never seen me typing on his computer before. Will send out blogs when I can.



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